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[navigasi.net] Pantai - Drini
The journey from Jogjakarta to Drini beach took about 3 hours by motorbike [the distance is about 40km]. It is going to be a boring journey if we don’t get to see beautiful coral hills along the way. A lot of bends and turns along the way to Drini beach and gives us the opportunity to see the beautifulcoral hills which in a glance looks like a natural stalaktit cave. If I have more time, I would like to visit the cave to see the beautiful coral and people keep saying the corals forms a beautiful and one of the kind forms. After passing by two other hills, we finally arrived at Drini Beach.

Arrives in Drini Beach, we will see a magnificent scenery before our very eyes. This beach is very beautiful from any directions. It covers by the white sands that shines under the sunlight. The sea smell, sound of the wave that touches the shore, giving you a serene feeling just by being here. It's not like many other beaches in Java, which smudge by dirt and people activities, Drini beach is very clean and covered by white sands as far as the eye can see. The shape of its beach and the clarity of its water allows us to enjoy the beauty of various corals and seaweed. Small fishes, slugs, crabs, and trepans easily found here while we are walking in the beach. No wonder that sometimes we can see children walking in the beach with plastic bag looking for colourful fishes. You can hear their joyous babble once in a while when they able to catch a colourful ocean fish with very beautiful and vibrant colour.

[navigasi.net] Pantai - Drini

As wedge by big hills, the beach is seems a bit isolated from outside world. Interesting blend between protuberant hills with wide ocean, showing beautiful natural architecture. Not like common beaches, subject to hot and extreem sun, Drini beach has cooler weather and cooler water. This make me content to relax in the beach enjoying the scenery.

Fishermans life around here are same many places in general. Fishing in the ocean is a routine agenda, filling their daily livelihood. They are very friendly and polite to visitors. I managed to talk to one of them, mr. Wardiman. He told me after the fishing period is over, they usually fish in the coral, looking for squib or catch ocean maggot between coral using tool similar like a crescent knife to fish it.

Without realising the time, it's sunset already. I wish I can stay longer for enjoying sunset at Drini beach, but this is something I couldn't do because the sun will set between the hills around Drini beach. Another thing is I was travelling on a motorbike, giving me another reason why I can not stay there. Slowly, evening turns into night when I travelled along the hills without light and sufficient road sign.

[navigasi.net] Pantai - Drini
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