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[navigasi.net] Flora&Fauna - Durian Warso Farm
If you visit this place there won’t be any entrance fee charged to you unless you’re going in a big group of people. You can come to have a look into this 15hectares of durian farm with your family and see many varieties of durian grows in this farm. There are about 800 durian trees with many variety but Durian Monthong is the variety that grows the most here.

Make sure you are visiting this farm during durian harvesting season so you can have a visit and taste the durian yourself. December to May is the period for harvesting durian but the best time will be on January to March. My visit last August only allowed me to see the durian flower blossoming from each trees. Some trees still have one-two durian remains but you will see things differently when you visit this place during the durian harvesting season. From the number of flower grows at each trees I can imagine how incredible it would be during the harvesting season. I might say as far as the eye can see you will find yourself surrounded by durian hanging on in each trees. Don’t be afraid that the durian might fall right to you since all durian has been ‘tied by a strong rope.

[navigasi.net] Flora&Fauna - Durian Warso Farm

The owner has provided many stalls inside and outside the farm to enjoy the durian you have chosen. After choosing your own durian, you have to have it weighted so you know how much you should pay. They charge IDR30000/kg for any variety of durian in this farm. This price is consider expensive compare to the average price of durian in the market which will cost you around IDR20000/kg. Though it is more expensive, it doesn’t stop people from coming and enjoying eating durian they chose from this farm. Perhaps enjoying durian that you have chosen together with others has given you a different sensation rather than just buy it from local market although for that you have to pay more.

A lot of durian variety grows in this farm, such as Petruk, Lai, Simas, Kaniau, Hepe, Tunan, Sukun, Citokong, Cane and Bakul. But still, the Monthong durian from Thailand is the most variety grown in this farm. Some people said Bung Karno (the former Indonesia President) loved durian variety called Simas. This farm was being prepared for becoming a durian farm since 1980 and finally in 1990 they started to grow durian.

[navigasi.net] Flora&Fauna - Durian Warso Farm
In order to control and monitor this farm, Soewarso, the owner, chooses to live inside the farm himself. Now his farm has become the reference place for durian research and development for many people and organizations from local or international.

To get into this location, there are two ways you can choose. You can go through Bogor and take public transport called Angkot no. 03. This Angkot will take route from Ramayana-Cihideung. At the end of this route you have to walk a little bit to get into Durian Warso farm. You won’t miss this farm since it has a giant-sized durian replica in front. You can also take another route from Jagorawi highway and take Ciawi exit to Sukabumi. At the Caringin intersections you have to take the left turn and follow the only asphalt road until you get into this farm. Since the road is in a good condition, any low-geared car can pass it without any problem.
So if you call yourself a durian fanatics, visiting Durian Warso farm is a must.  

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